Skin rejuvenation

What is Radiesse?

RADIESSE® is a FDA approved synthetic injectable filler that has been used to increase volume and reduce moderate-to- severe wrinkles, folds and creases around the nose and mouth by initially adding volume to the area and later on stimulating the under skin‘s natural collagen formation. It is a safe, successfully tried, long-lasting alternative to injectable collagen and other dermal fillers including hyaluronic acid based products such as Juvéderm or Restyalne. RADIESSE filler is different than other common fillers mentioned above. It is composed of microspheres in a gel; the microspheres consist of a substance called calcium hydroxyapatite, which stimulates the production of collagen under the skin. When injected into different areas of the face with wrinkles or areas that show significant volume loss, the additional collagen production in the area smooths out the lines and wrinkles, and adds volume to the skin.


What is Radiesse Used For?

RADIESSE volumizing filler can be used on various areas of the face and body. In addition to correcting scars that leave depressions, it is effective in improving the look of the following:

Nasolabial folds (run from corners of nose to corners of mouth)
Marionette lines (run downward from corners of mouth)
Downturned corners of the mouth
Jowl and pre-jowl sagging
Chin wrinkles or augmentation
Jawline augmentation
Wrinkles around the knee
Chest (Décolletage) wrinkles
Flappy under arms
Contouring of buttocks

Some of the applications mentioned above have been an FDA approved procedure for years and the others may be an off label but still very effective treatment of areas of concern.
RADIESSE filler has also been approved by the FDA to restore and correct the signs of lipoatrophy (loss of fat beneath the skin) in patients with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Radiesse Volumizing Filler Procedure

Like any other procedure before a patient is injected with RADIESSE, the treatment area is cleaned with Alcohol or other disinfecting agents. RADIESSE injections are then made with a fine needle or a cannula (a blunt tipped needle is inserted after a hole is made with a needle). This procedure typically takes about 15 minutes to perform. There is little-to-no downtime; many patients return to their normal activities right after the procedure is done. RADIESSE volumizing filler is also FDA-approved for mixing with the injectable anesthetics such as lidocaine, which makes the injections almost pain free. Usually one or two treatments are required to achieve the full benefits of RADIESSE volumizing filler.

Radiesse Volumizing Filler Results

Results are visible immediately after injection, and sometimes last up to 18 months depending on the amount and area of injection. Although results are long lasting but they are temporary therefore treatments must be repeated to sustain results. That said because of the stimulating effect on collagen reproduction, Radiesse produces improvement of your natural skin composition over time. Touch-up treatments may prolong the effects of RADIESSE filler.

Are There Any Side Effects of Radiesse Filler?

Side effects of RADIESSE filler are usually not serious, and go away on their own. They occur at the injection site, and include the following

Mild irritation

Allergy testing is not required for this product as the main component, calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres in RADIESSE filler, are similar to minerals that occur naturally in the body mainly in the bones. If you are allergic to lidocaine (a numbing medication that may be used in conjunction with Radiesse, or have several allergies/ severe allergic reactions) you will need to let your practitioner know.

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