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What is a Chemical Peel?

Our state of the art peels penetrate your skins surface, breaking down the rough, dull layers, and allowing your body to shed them. Revealing fresh, youthful, glowing skin. Chemical peels are loved by dermatologist, aestheticians, and professionals in the aesthetics world because they are quick, painless and incredibly effective at your treating skin concerns.

Chemical Peel Treatments

How Does a Chemical Peel work?

The upper layers of your skin, are removed with a chemical solution, made of different acids. At Beau Visage Aesthetics we use several different solutions tailored to our client’s individual needs. We offer:

Vitality Peel: At Beau Visage, we offer 4 uniquely formulated VI Peel treatments designed to lift pigment, remove sun damage, alleviate acne and scarring, and fight fine lines and wrinkles. All the peels are medium-depth, and include phenol, which is a numbing agent. Making these peels mostly painless. All Vi Peels are safe for all skin types, tones, and different places on the body. Such as face, chest, hands, underarms and intimate areas, with results in as little as 7 days.
Alpha Hydroxy Acid: A solution typically preferred for normal to dry skin. AHA’s have the smallest molecular size. This allows it to penetrate the skin’s surface more easily.
Beta Hydroxy Acid: A solution often used for normal to oily skin, prone to acne, or those with enlarged pores. BHA’s have natural skin-calming properties, making it ideal for sensitive skin.
Retinol Peels: Retinol peels exfoliate using vitamin A. Retinol peels are growing in popularity due to their and are sometimes combined with other solutions for maximum benefit. Retinol peels are growing in popularity due to their anti-aging properties.

How Do I Know Which Chemical Peel Type to Choose?

During your one-on-one consultation our licensed aesthetician and certified skin care specialist will take your concerns and skin type into account to help you determine the best chemical peel for you.

Do I Need to Prepare for My Chemical Peel Skin Treatment?

Yes. In order to ensure your safety, and give you the best results possible, we ask that you avoid all intentional unprotected sun exposure for four weeks before your treatment. This will help prevent hyperpigmentation after your chemical peel. One week before treatment you will be asked to discontinue use of all hair removal products, retinal or retina product and exfoliants. You will also be asked to pause the use of certain medications like accutain for at least 6 months before receiving a peel. For more details, please refer to our Pre and Post care instructions here.

What Can I Expect During My Chemical Peel Session?

Our Aesthetician will start by gently cleansing your skin. Then, the solution will applied to the designated area in one minute increments, ensuring that you remain comfortable throughout the entire procedure. Once the application of the peel has been completed, you will sent home to rest, relax, and wait on your new glow!

Are Chemical Peels Painful?

Some experience heat or mild stinging sensation when the solution is applied. This typically subsides within a few minutes, and can be controlled with a hand-held fan or other cooling devices during the treatment.

When Will I See Results?

The medium depth and superficial chemical peels we offer, can take anywhere from one to seven days for the peeling process to subside when applied to the face. The body can take up to 10 days to complete the peeling process, because of the thickness of the skin in certain areas. You may experience red, dry, mildly irritated or itchy skin, and, of course, peeling during this 7-10 day period. After this process is complete, you will see glowing, improved skin appearance and health! For best results, our aesthetician may recommend scheduling a series of peels at four-week intervals.

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