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Why am I losing hair?

A predetermined genetic pattern is responsible for our phases of hair growth and loss. At any given time each of our individual hair follicles is in one of four stages: Anagen- The Follicle Growth Phase, Apoptosis- The Follicle Death Phase, Telogen- The Resting Phase, Exogen- New Hair Regrowth phase

Hair Restoration Solutions For Men

Anagen- The Follicle Growth Phase

This is the actual growing phase of our hair, and it lasts from 2-7 years. The anagen phase determines the length of our hair.

Catagen/Apoptosis- Follicle Renewal

Lasting for about ten days the catagen stage is when the individual follicles shrink and then detach from the scalp. This is when the hair falls out and the hair follicle begins a cycle of renewing itself to grow a new strand of hair.

Telogen- The Resting Phase

This is the phase when a follicle area can rest and prepare to rejuvenate. Telogen lasts around three months. It’s estimated that 10-15 percent of hair follicles are in this phase at any given time.

Exogen- New Hair Regrowth phase

An extension of the resting phase when the old hair sheds and new hair follicles continue to grow.
There are dozens of reasons that this process can be slowed or interrupted, the most common being hormone loss and genetics. Nearly half of men in their 50’s begin to show a significant decline in the normal hair growth process. Many women are also prone to hair loss. By age 70 most women will experience some hair loss from the depletion of hormones and the breakdown of the hair growth process.
Over the last few decades, scientists have begun to perfect a few hair loss remedies, at Beau Visage we offer the following treatments as stand alones, or in combinations depending on your individual needs:

What is hair restoration?

Hair restoration is a type of regenerative therapy used in an enormous variety of today’s regenerative medical treatments. The procedure itself is done with the patient’s own blood, so there is little to no chance of an adverse reaction. Once blood is drawn from a patient, it’s run through a centrifuge and separated until doctors have hair restoration or Platelet Rich serum.

How does it work?

Hair restoration is used in hair loss treatment by injecting the serum into the scalp; from there it’s believed that the high concentrations of platelets releasing an array of different growth factors help promote hair growth by prolonging the Anagen or growth phase, activating the hibernating hair follicles and and replenishing the dead cells in the follicular space.

How long does it take to work?

It takes about 2-3 months to see improvement. Usually 3-5 treatments are required for optimum results.

Will I need to be treated again?

Yes, chances are you will need another treatment within 3-5 years as the newly revived hair follicles will continue to be exposed to the factors that initially induced the hair loss including hormonal changes.

Are there conditions that make me a poor hair restoration candidate?

Disorders like thyroid disease or lupus make it unlikely you’ll have good results because both conditions will continue to cause hair loss over time. Although appropriate treatment of such medical conditions will increase the chance of a better response to treatment and a longer lasting effects of the treatment.
Blood thinners make your platelets ineffective, be sure to tell your practitioner if you need to be on blood thinners

What is Red Light Treatment for hair loss?

Since 1967 scientists have known that the correct wavelength of light can stimulate hair growth. Wavelengths between 630-670 nm can aid in the treatment of unwanted hair loss. The procedure was first FDA approved in 2007.

How Does Red Light Treatment Work?

An intracellular enzyme called Cytochrome C stimulates the hair follicle when it’s exposed to red light. It’s this enzyme that actually absorbs the light and is responsible for the effectiveness of Red Light Treatment. Stimulation of follicles by the light has been shown to slow the Apoptosis Phase or follicle death phase. It can also improve the health of hair that does grow by increasing the blood supply and flow of nutrients to the area.

How long does it take to show results?

You should see improvement within 2-3 months.

Will Red Light Therapy cause unwanted hair growth?

This treatment can only grow hair in places that already have follicles. It’s all about isolating the right areas.

What Treatment is Right for Me?

Only a personal consultation will tell which of these treatments or treatment combinations will best work for you.
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Here at Beau Visage we also use Propecia, topical steroids, and vitamins to stimulate hair growth

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